Aggressive Battle Music | "UNBROKEN" by Tunetank (Copyright Free Music)

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Song: Tigran Papazyan - Unbroken (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
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❓ FAQ:

Q: I used a free track, but still got a copyright claim on my video. Why?
A: First, check whether you have received a copyright claim or a release claim. If this is a copyright claim, check whether you have correctly credited the author in the description under your video. If all the above conditions are met, but you still have a claim, read the answers to the questions below or write to our support at [email protected] and we will help you as soon as possible.

Q: How to release a copyright claim?
A: In order to remove the claim manually, you need to add a link to the video on our website. A detailed video guide here:

Q: How do I attribute the author in the right way?
A: When you download a track from our site in a pop-up window, you will get all the necessary information. Detailed video instruction here:

Q: How do I add my YouTube channel to the whitelist?
A: Go to Go to the Whitelisting section and select the Channels section from there. Click on the Add Channels plus button and enter the name of your channel there. After adding a channel, you need to activate it using the Activate button. This feature is only available to Pro Account holders. After activating your channel, all videos with our music that appear on it will be automatically cleared of claims, without the need to specify the author in the description or add links to the video. Detailed video instruction:


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